2011.5 GIA Diamond Grading Certificate

2008-2010 Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School & Academy , Florence, Italy

2003-2007 National Cheng Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan

Bachelor of Advertisement

Bachelor of Philosophy


Group Exhibition

2016 好家在台灣, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherland

2016 Tincal Lab, Jewelry and Cinema, Porto, Portugal

2016 Independent, Tokyo, Japan

2016 Hausie Private Show in Escpace, HK, China 

2015 Shanghai Design Week, Shanghai, China

2014 SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherland

2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

2014 “Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition” co-exhibition, Top Red Art Jewellery Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, China

2014 “Blossom” co-exhibition, Show Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2014 Inhorgenta Jewellery Fair, Forum Innovation , Munich Germany

2013 SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherland

2013 “Talents” at Tendence, Frankfurt, Germany

2013 Inhorgenta Jewellery Fair, Forum Innovation , Munich Germany

2011 Copenhagen Jewellery Fair, Brand-New Copenhagen, Demark

2011 Inhorgenta Jewellery Fair, Breand New–New Brand, Munich Germany

2010 Arte per La Ricerca FiorGen Florence, Italy

2010 Le Arti Orafe exhibition Florence, Italy

2009 Fresh Metal exhibition Lucca, Italy

2009 Le Arti Orafe exhibition Florence, Italy


Awards and Publication

2016.01 Vogue UK

2015.07 Vogue UK

2014.12 Cutting Edge 2014, p183, Korea

2014.11 Seiraad Art Fair Issue, p17, Nertheland

2014.04 Shopping Design, p88-91,Taiwan

2014.04 L’Orafo, Italy

2014.02 GZ Goldschmiede Zeitung, p175 Germany

2014.01 GZ Goldschmiede Zeitung, p82, Germany

2013.11 Seiraad Art Fair Issue, p17, Nertheland

2013.08 Talents Issue, Tendence, Germany

2013.08 Form2013 Selected, Germany

2013.05 L’Orafo, p41, Italy

2013.05 Fashion Express, p28, Taiwan

2011 Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook 2011 Spain

2011 Arte per La Ricerca,p122 Italy

2011/08 4 Au Clock, Brand New issue, p36 Denmark

2011/08 4 Au Clock, cover, Denmark

2011/01 GZ Goldschmiede Zeitung , p67, Germany

2011 Arte per La Ricerca, Firenze Museo Archeologico Nationale, p122 Italy