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TINGsJEWELLERY is founded by HSIEH I TING, a Tawanese designer.

After received her B.A. in Philosophy and Advertising in university, designer TING went to Europe and started to pursue her jewelry career in Italy, the city of Renaissance, Florence. This ancient but charming city is a wonderful place for her to fulfill her great passion of art and traditional craftsmanship. She spent three years in Florence, dedicated all her time to studying Italian traditional jewelry making skills, including jewelry making, jewelry design, engraving, stone setting. TING is fascinated by all these traditional techniques, it’s never as fast as machine works, nevertheless with great caring of the details, it takes every pieces to another level. 

Well-trained jewelry skill background allowed TING to explore different possibilities of creating and design. Combine with her philosophical thinking and endless imagination, TING brings unique perspective to every of her creations.


There's a beauty in Simplicity.


Inspired by arts, architectures, and nature, Ting prefers to simplify the architectonics of the jewellery in order to show purity and cleanness of the design. Ting’ s piece is deliberate and unique; stands alone as an art work or as an elegant adornment. Each jewelry piece is created with great artistic precision yet when worn displays uncontrived simplicity and a quiet sense of elegance.

TING's works has been shown in many exhibitions all over the world, including Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Florence, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei… and have published by various international magazines.

shining tree _ brooch, 18K yellow gold, diamonds 

shining tree _ brooch, 18K yellow gold, diamonds