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excerpt from Interview By HAUSIE. HK

Where do you get your design inspiration ?  

I am mostly inspired by art, sculpture and architecture.

I think the most amazing quality of fine art is that it is created only for its aesthetic value and beauty. I am fond of the purity of artwork. I always connect to fine art with deep emotions and an intimacy which helps me to connect with myself on a deeper level. It’s in this moment that I feel the most inspired.


I am also inspired by architecture. To me the most fascinating aspect of architecture is that it has not only a functional but also an experiential purpose. Every outstanding architectural and spatial design has an interactive quality with our senses. Architecture creates spaces for a connection between how we interact with a space and the environment itself. These sensory experiences evoke my passion to reinvision a way to connect a wearable adornment with our physicality.


What do you love about being a designer ?


The beauty of being a designer is that we have to be honest with ourselves, even though we might feel vulnerable more easily. We always have to be open-minded and sensitive to every detail in our life because they are the foundation that nurture our inspiration and construct our aesthetic taste. Being a designer, we have to ensure that we immerse ourselves in the world in an inspiring way. It creates the fertile ground for our creativity.


Being a designer is like being an interpreter. I translate the world’s beauty into something tangible in order to evoke its essence. Every piece I create illustrates my signature style which is to let imagination shine.

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excerpt from Interview By KLIMT

What do you expect when exposing your work to the public (for example with an exhibition)?

Most of my works contain two concepts: One is much more abstract which combined with concise shape and geometric line, such as my “Folding Space” or “Dancing Line” collection. The other concept is trend to storytelling style with delicate and fine sensibility, as it can be found by my “Unfolding Stories” and “Story Line” collection.

When I expose my jewelry to the public, I expect people regard my jewelry as mini-sculpture and discover variety beauty presented form different angles. I also expect people could perceived the warm and peaceful feeling which transmitted from my jewelry.

Are other areas besides the jewelry, present in your work?

Most of my inspiration comes from my own illustration. I like to memorize feelings or emotion by drawing and transferring it into jewelry with different skills. I want to create not only an object but something alive and vivid. Therefore I also regard myself as an illustrator.