Silver Frame

Classical Engraving


[ classic frame ]

Living in a modern society, sometimes I feel it is almost unrealistic to spend a lot of time just focus on one simple thing.We always have so many distractions and so many obligations in real life. Nevertheless, I found it is extremely charming to dedicate myself completely to one work. To have myself being 100% concentrated, focus on only details and techniques.It is never an easy job to complete a work like this, with almost uncontrollable dimension, complex multi processes and all need to be done with maximum cautions...

However, surprisingly, all these concentrations, focus and cautions leading me to a very peaceful mind while I am working.

Traditional jewelry techniques is always a lot of hard works, no easy steps, but what charms me most is by applying all these techniques I realize it's not only a skill leading us to complete an object, it is also a skill teaching us how to train to our mind. Just like a different kind of meditation.

It is extremely fascinating to me. 

In the end, I did finished my frame. I love the result. Love jewelry.