Philosophy of Simplicity

I met an artist at a coffee shop many years ago, he is a writer, an artist, a shop owner. Some of his words still remain in my mind, here's what he said:
"There was once, when we were young, we like to add things in our life. We keep adding adding adding and adding until one day, we feel there's too much, too noisy in our surrounding.  

Then we start the new philosophy, cutting things off our life, remove unnecessary  belongings, then we realize that our life becomes simple, everything left with we are the most precious and cherished things. It is the philosophy of simplicity. :)」

曾經在咖啡店遇過一個藝術家,是個小店的主人、是個畫家、也是一個劇作家。 我們常常聊天,說著天南地北,他曾經說的一句話 至今依舊深刻:

「年輕的時候 你會覺得生活是個加法,一直加加加加加,直到到了一個頂點。然後你會發現,那時候生活的減法就開始了,你開始減,開始將自己周遭不需要的物件剔除,直到留下的是生命中最珍貴最值得珍惜的事物。」

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