The beauty of tranquility


art work by Carol Prusa

"Being an artist, there was a time I felt that art is so distanced from the society or everything happening in the world, like stocks, economy, politics, or whatever makes the world moving. It makes me feel so isolated and frustrated .... the emptiness feeling occupied my soul so long. Nevertheless, there's one day, I woke up, I suddenly realized maybe the lack of art in real life is what I must give. Art is my life, my soul and also what I can offer to the beautiful world. -Carol Prusa


「我有一陣子覺得藝術與現實的社會離得很遠,像是那些股票、經濟、政治或是任何其他的事情。好像維持生命的這些選項這一些都與藝術都沒有關係,這讓我感到非常沮喪....這樣空虛的日子過了好一陣子,直到有一天我醒來,突然發現,啊!原來這個缺乏就是我必需給予的。藝術是我的生命、也是我可以付出給社會的。」-Carol Prusa

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