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memories of the war

It was an exhibition in Berlin, recording memories of the war. Sometimes I wonder how people dissolve the hatred in our heart. We never hate our enemies away; we love them away. 

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Before last petal falls

After some days, you will realize that everything you encounter is just a process. You have always been brave. Even you feel painful now; once you overcome the difficulties, you will find yourself much stronger and more beautiful.


handengraved pendant , silver 925

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It is the glance of light give the painting life.

while shooting the jewelry photos in the studio, some sketches are sending at the same time, and that evokes my curiosity.
So I ask the photographer, "Even the published illustrations are taken with photography?  Why people don't just scan them?"
"Well. of course people can scan the paintings, using a scanner can make the result very precise, it collects all the color information. Nevertheless, the painting could look flat and boring. But if you shoot it with the camera, we know where to put the light on, and it is the glance of light give the painting life.  "

Because there's no clock in heaven.

In my days in Italy, I was fortunate to have a very gentle kind landlady.
We talked a lot, shared everyday stories, it was one of the most precious moment I own in my studying life.

One day, we were talking about life,
She said, "When my son was little, his grandpa passed. We didn't know how to explain him the death; he was just a little boy. So I say to him that grandpa moved to heaven, and will stay there. I still remember our conversation ... 

"So when will grandpa back? "
"He won't come back, my dear, grandpa will stay in heaven, it's a beautiful place."
"What if grandpa gets older and no one takes care of him?"
"Oh, my dear, he won't get old anymore, it is a special place. People won't change much there. It is a peaceful place."

I remember my son stared at me quietly without asking anything more...
few days after, my son ran to me and yielded...

"mom, do you know why grandpa won't get older in heaven?"
"Because there's no clock in heaven." he smiled and walked away.

Dear Ting,  you know what? We always think kids are naive and understand nothing; nevertheless, there is always a moment that they say the words which are so intelligent unexpectedly, make me feel they know much more than me."


"Every kind of addition is powerless. It starts with pain and ends up with more." -Tolle, Eckhart

What are colors like? :)

How to describe color to a blind child -

"What are colors like?"
"They are great!"
"What's your favorite?"
"What's it like?"
"Blue is like riding a bike...when the wind hits you in the face."

-Rosso come il cielo

Create something meaningful

"...I want to change my life. I cut off the habit of overeating, overspending, and I decided to cut off sugar from my life. After I made this decision, one day I went home after work, I sat on the sofa and realized I feel nothing. I don't feel anger, I don't feel excitement, I don't feel anything, I feel nothing. After I stop relying on dopamine to bring me happiness, I realize my life is just empty. With that nothingness feeling, I know I must face my fear and what I escape from for so many years, I have to create something meaningful to make me feel truly happy. " -Sue

How interesting an experienced jeweler  explained the process of resizing the ring

"…just bend the ring around, be careful, you don’t put any stress on to the area where the stone is...I would just put the pilers to one size of the stone,just gently push round, I push side round as well , until the end just come together. You want the end just come together so it's just kissing, they just gently gently touching and hugging, you don’t want to do is forcing them hard.." :)

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The beauty of tranquility

art work by Carol Prusa

"Being an artist, there was a time I felt that art is so distanced from the society or everything happening in the world, like stocks, economy, politics, or whatever makes the world moving. It makes me feel so isolated and frustrated .... the emptiness feeling occupied my soul so long. Nevertheless, there's one day, I woke up, I suddenly realized maybe the lack of art in real life is what I must give. Art is my life, my soul and also what I can offer to the beautiful world. -Carol Prusa


「我有一陣子覺得藝術與現實的社會離得很遠,像是那些股票、經濟、政治或是任何其他的事情。好像維持生命的這些選項這一些都與藝術都沒有關係,這讓我感到非常沮喪....這樣空虛的日子過了好一陣子,直到有一天我醒來,突然發現,啊!原來這個缺乏就是我必需給予的。藝術是我的生命、也是我可以付出給社會的。」-Carol Prusa

Philosophy of Simplicity

I met an artist at a coffee shop many years ago, he is a writer, an artist, a shop owner. Some of his words still remain in my mind, here's what he said:
"There was once, when we were young, we like to add things in our life. We keep adding adding adding and adding until one day, we feel there's too much, too noisy in our surrounding.  

Then we start the new philosophy, cutting things off our life, remove unnecessary  belongings, then we realize that our life becomes simple, everything left with we are the most precious and cherished things. It is the philosophy of simplicity. :)」


曾經在咖啡店遇過一個藝術家,是個小店的主人、是個畫家、也是一個劇作家。 我們常常聊天,說著天南地北,他曾經說的一句話 至今依舊深刻:

「年輕的時候 你會覺得生活是個加法,一直加加加加加,直到到了一個頂點。然後你會發現,那時候生活的減法就開始了,你開始減,開始將自己周遭不需要的物件剔除,直到留下的是生命中最珍貴最值得珍惜的事物。」